About me

I've been obsessing over flowers for as long as I can remember. Born in the quiet, rural county of Worcestershire I loved being creative, and would always notice unusual blooms or bunches; whether out in the countryside or on the weekly shop with mum! 

Finally when I turned 16 and was free to earn a pretty penny, it was in the local flower shop that my passion for flowers could be more than a fleeting hobby. I continued to work as a florist part-time whilst studying at university and holding down a full time job in the hard-and-fast retail world.

Finally, in January 2018 I let me true passion for florals to take the lead when Rebecca Kate Flowers was born!

I have always worked hard - nothing makes me happier than seeing someone's idea come to life at my fingertips. And whether that vision is something easy or intricate, I will never turn a suggestion away.

Thanks to some incredible tutorage at the Covent Garden Flower Academy and Grace & Thorn, I've learnt some new and unique styles over the years  that mean I can help  you think outside of the box or keep things clean and simple.

And what about life outside of flowers? Well, when I'm not preening petals or trimming stems I LOVE to travel the world with my wonderful husband and son and throw myself into local cultures, cuisines and best of all, climates. Flowers are never too far from my mind though, and I even decided to do my own wedding flowers. Dedication at its best! 

Im always happy to chat so if you'd like to know more please get in touch!